Artistic and Executive Director, Allyson Cohen, founded CMOC with the goal of bringing concert stage music to those who may not be able to attend a normal concert. We perform at hospitals and shelters to share and teach our love of concert music to members of the community in need. 

With our concerts, we aim to fight the injustices that are deep rooted in the field of classical music; we promote and feature the works of historically excluded composers on all of our concerts, and we increase access to live chamber music performances for marginalized communities who would not otherwise get to experience this. Music gives hope and comfort to those in need and is a powerful mechanism for communication. 

This is why we at CMOC believe that concert music should be accessible to all; we inform our audiences about the music we program, and perform without the formalities attached to the concert hall. One of the most rewarding parts of the process is engaging with the audience. Therefore, we always welcome questions and participation of any kind. we cater our performances to the age and needs of the audience, with our only goal being to bring more joy and optimism than there was before.  


CMOC was created to fight the injustices in access to classical music by performing concerts and sharing our love of music with all members of society


One of the most known benefits of classical music is that it increases brain functioning. Classical music helps develop the genes that secrete dopamine and improve synaptic functioning. It is also proven to help with memory, as well as with reading and language skills.. 

According to researchers at the University of Utah’s Pain Research Center, music is proven to help with recovery by reducing pain. Music can also help stroke patients recover

Studies have shown that music reduces stress. It is found that music can lower your cortisol levels and help calm your nervous system which both help reduce stress. 

It is proven that music improves listening skills. Classical music increases concentration skills as well as self discipline.

Classical music also builds a strong sense of community. Music  is the universal language and brings people together in a uniquely intimate

It is proven that music increases self confidence. Attending concerts increases confidence as this brings joy and productivity. The same sense of self pride can be accomplished when playing an instrument yourself..